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Coastal Monitoring Associates

Environmental Assessment of Coastal Systems

Coastal Monitoring Associates is a certified small business. We provide a range of services and technologies for environmental assessment of coastal and shoreline areas including bays, harbors, estuaries, lakes and rivers. Our key capabilities focus on characterization and monitoring at groundwater-surface water interaction sites. These sites present significant challenges for which we have developed new technologies for identification of discharge zones, sampling of discharge zones, and quantification of discharge rates and fluxes.


Our capabilities also span a range of other general and specialized services for site characterization and assessment including water sampling, sediment sampling, toxicology and bioavailability assessment, hydrodynamic modeling, and contaminant and sediment transport modeling.



​CMA provides clients with a range of specialized field, analytical, and consulting services focused on assessment and modeling of environmental fate and transport processes in coastal, estuarine and aquatic systems, and the interaction between groundwater and surface water.  



We have developed a number of specialized technologies for mapping and characterizing processes and fluxes at groundwater - surface water interaction sites. We are the exclusive providers of the Trident Probe and UltraSeep technologies.



CMA collaborates with other consulting firms and supports clients across the US and around the world. In our projects, we are recognized for our strong work ethic and commitment to high quality products to support the best environmental decisions for your site.

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