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Jon Groves
Principal - Field Operations

Jon leads field operations for CMA. He has over 37 years of experience in the field of marine biology and marine environmental assessment with a broad variety of skills and knowledge. These include flow-through sea water systems, product design and engineering, field support, data collection, video production. As an Advanced Certified SCUBA diver, Jon leads field operations requiring technical knowledge of underwater work. He is experienced in small boat handling (up to 60 feet), navigation, rules-of-the-road, marine communications (UHF/VHF), and operation/maintenance of marine systems. He has demonstrated proficiency at model making and prototype machining, assembly and fabrication of mechanical/electronic systems using a wide variety of equipment and materials. His engineering skills and innovative perspectives used to solve problems have led to new product development and positions of responsibility to accomplish goals established by a broad range of marine science customers.

About Coastal

CMA is a small, dedicated, hard-working consulting firm based in San Diego, California. We were established in 2003 based on a common commitment to providing unique solutions to the challenges of identifying, quantifying and monitoring groundwater discharge to coastal, estuarine and aquatic systems.
While we continue to be the preeminent service and technology providers in this sector, we have expanded our capabilities to include a range of other general and specialized services for site characterization and assessment including water sampling, sediment sampling, toxicology and bioavailability assessment, hydrodynamic modeling, and contaminant and sediment transport modeling.
Dr. Bart Chadwck
Principal - President

Bart has a PhD in Oceanography from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego. He has extensive experience in research, development, and applied studies in coastal contaminant transport and fate processes. His experience includes 25 years as a lead scientist at the Navy’s Marine Environmental Quality Program in San Diego, California. His research and applied experience includes groundwater exchange with the marine environment, contaminant exchange at the sediment-water interface, mixing and exchange processes in bays and estuaries, fate and effects of copper, zinc, and petroleum hydrocarbons in the marine environment, real-time monitoring and mapping techniques, estuarine risk assessment methodologies, and climate change vulnerability assessment. He has led the development of a number of new technologies for the assessment of contaminant transport and fate in aquatic environments.

Chris Smith
Principal - Vice President

Chris has a Master of Science degree in Marine Science from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He has extensive experience in research, development, education and administration in the marine sciences. His experience includes 30 years as Marine Program Director for the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County – Marine Program, Cornell University Laboratory. His experience includes applied research and development of equipment and methods to locate and quantify groundwater seepage into surface waters, and as project manager for water quality improvement related initiatives throughout Long Island, New York. He has applied project experience related to mitigation of storm water runoff from concept development, through design and construction, as well as, investigations of benthic habitat characteristics at sites throughout Long Island. He possesses extensive hands-on experience in fishery, aquaculture and field marine science techniques and technologies, and water quality improvement project design. He has also been instrumental in the development of adult and youth education programs reaching over 400,000 people annually.

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Bart Chadwick, Principal Coastal Monitoring

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